Fountainhead MUD—Sanitary Sewer Repairs in Fountainhead Subdivision

Fountainhead MUD (the “District”) has contracted with T Construction to perform various repairs to selected manholes and sanitary sewer lines within Fountainhead Subdivision, Sections 1-4. T Construction will begin construction activities in January 2021. The contract is expected to continue through July 2021.

We have identified line repairs that include “point repairs” which are excavation to replace short segments of sewer pipe, and “trenchless” line repairs where a liner is installed form manhole to manhole with relatively minimal excavations required. The top elevation of some manholes will be adjusted, and some manholes will have a cement lining installed to prevent leakage.

The house taps will be interrupted temporarily but should not cause a problem for residents, although we do ask that when such work is occurring on your street to minimize your in-house water use such as dishwashers and clothes washers for 24 to 48 hours. In general, the disturbed areas will be restored within a week of the construction activity. In some cases, T Construction will have to perform work in the back yard at two different times.

T Construction’s workers will have to enter most resident’s back yards to reconnect the house lines and perform any point repairs or manholes repairs. Please pay attention to door hangers as that is the primary way that you and your neighbors will be informed of when T Construction will be working on your street. Generally, the construction work will occur from Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Site restoration may occur on Saturdays, but construction occasionally will. Unless there is an urgent need, no work will occur on Sundays.

The District asks for everyone’s cooperation and patience while this project in ongoing. If you have concerns, please contact the District engineer’s office and at 713 557-5439 ask for the Teague Harris or Chris Todd who are handling Fountainhead MUD, or the District Operator’s office at 281 469-2837. Please be sure to leave your phone number and street address with any message.